Build 2084 - Complete base rework. This (really) might be V2.0.1

Build 2079 - Lots of tweaks. Could this be V2.0.1?!

Build 2071 - Now with 50% faster builds.

Busy working at reviewing and reworking the memory handling, to make Fiiish even faster

El Juanito juega Fiiish -> https.png"/>//

Build 2070 - Perfected font rendering

Build 2068 - Too good to be true? In review

Build 2063 - Skipped a few, but finally fixed an ugly (and very stupid) slowdown problem.

Build 2057, 2058 and 2059 - We’re on a roll.

Build 2056 - Debug enabled

Build 2055 - Should finally fix the stutter.

Build 2054 - Now with less deadly overlapping.

Build 2053 - We are getting there

Build 2048 - Now with even more (work in progress) eye candy.

Build 2047 - All new zones. All polished. One glitch left.

Build 2046 - Now with even more eye candy!

Build 2045 - All bugs fixed. Is this it?

Build 2044 - Not a release candidate, since we decided to add just one more thing.

We found the bug yesterday
and our artist used the extra time
to give it some extra polish.

Get ready to swim!

We are currently hunting down an ugly bug in the rendering engine.
That is
a) good for you. Since it will be fixed before it hits you.
b) bad for you. Since it will delay the V2.0 launch.

Sorry. We are doing our best!

Had a massive polishing session over the weekend.
We want to be pretty for launch

We just created the new starting zone.
Will you love the ?

Play more

V2 is coming soon. Are you ready?

Build 2043 - Now including 100% more coins for old players.